Why Cyprus

The geographical location of Cyprus, as a crossroad of 3 continents has given the island the chance to be accessible to investments from all over the world. It's climate, tax incentives, telecommunications and high standard of living have led many foreigners to choose Cyprus as their second home country, especially Paphos which is now permanent residence for a great number of people from all over the world.

All the above factors has given us the opportunity to offer our services to people from all over the world and the skill to treat each and every one of our clients uniquely with particular personal, family and business concerns, problems and inquiries. Our medium size but with high standard professionalism legal team could give you answers and solutions with personal care which could not be found in very large firms.

As, in the past, our office continues
to protect our clients from implications
that might arise from problematic banks,
developers and other organizations.

Although Cyprus has been affected negatively by the recent problems in the banking system, the cypriots did not surrender without a fight and they are now up on their feet working hard to improve cypriot services and professional skills.

In addition, to revive the Cypriot Economy, the Government has new and more attractive incentives for foreign investment.

Our Office cooperates with all the Developers in our district for the purpose to acquire immovable property in Cyprus, maintaining at the same time our independence and protecting our client’s interests.

We offer services from discussion and negotiation with the Developer and preparation of the Contract of Sale up to the transfer of the title deed to the client's name. We have a team who constantly processes the new legislation and regulations regarding property and immigration issues.

Our team is ready to study each case separately based on its own merits and give a professional opinion of all the necessary procedures that has to be taken in order to complete with success all the relevant procedures.

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