Immovable Property Law and Contracts of Sale - Real Estate

For the purpose of buying immovable property in Cyprus we offer the following services:

  • Receiving instructions and discussion of the case. Negotiations with the Developer or any other Vendor.
  • Survey with all the relevant Authorities including the Land Registry Office to confirm if the property on sale is free of mortgages or other burdens.
  • Study, preparation and checking of the Sale Contract.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Deposit of the Sale Contract at the Land Registry Office for Specific Performance purposes.
  • Application to the Council of the Ministers for approval of an alien to acquire immovable property in Cyprus for non European Purchasers.
  • Obtaining Bank reports, statements and certificates from the client.
  • Handling and observation of the whole case.
  • Carrying out all necessary collections, payments and actions in accordance to the Power of Attorney.
  • Transfer of the Title Deed on the name of the client.
  • Connection of Electricity, Water and Cyta. Payment of Utility Bills.
  • Assist Non European investors with the necessary applications as described under our Immigration section.